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May 6, 2004

A Few /. Pieces

Microsoft Drops Next-Generation Security Project

grooveFX points to this CRN article which starts "After a year of tackling the Windows security nightmare, Microsoft has killed its Next-Generation Secure Computing Base (NGSCB) project and later this year plans to detail a revised security plan for Longhorn, the next major version of Windows, company executives said..." grooveFX writes "Glad to see they actually listen to the gripes from the media and users."

A Public Library's Linux Success Story

Joe Barr writes "What with the spate of professionally PR-generated FUD coming out of Redmond about Linux not being open source, or Windows having a lower TCO, and - believe it or not - even a claim that Windows is more reliable, it's good to read about some real world, grass-root results of successful migrations from Windows to Linux. This story at NewsForge takes a look at the Howard County (Maryland) Public Library's roll-out of over 200 public-use PCs, which used to run on Windows and now run on a custom Linux distribution called Lumix."

Math And The Computer Science Major

An anonymous reader writes "What sort of math are CS majors expected to take? Why are these classes useful? Does programming really have that much to do with math? Lineman.Net has published an article that answers these questions and more. If you are considering a CS degree, be sure to give it a look and make sure you are taking steps to prepare for your college career."

Mono Project Releases Beta 1

AArnott writes "Ximian has just released beta 1 of its open-source implementation of Microsoft .NET platform. Mono allows .NET applications to run on Linux, Mac OS X, Unix, Windows. Mono 1.0 is slated for release on June 30, 2004." sjanes71 adds "The first 'beta' always gets heaps of attention, and this is the first of three planned for the Mono project. Some of the new features touted for this release that updates Mono v0.31 include a faster interpreter, a global assembly cache, support for the StrongARM and HPPA platforms, generics support in the VM and C# compiler and an early alpha of System.Windows.Forms. C# and .NET is Microsoft's answer to Sun Microsystem's Java platform and Project Mono aims to create the Open Source, cross-platform version of Microsoft's new development environment."

Sasser Worm Takes Down UK's Coastguard

jonman_d writes "The Sasser worm has recently disabled the computer systems of Britain's Coastguard. Naturally, this event raises even more doubts over the reliability of Microsoft software in critical systems. Moreover, it raises questions of responsibility: if the worm writer is caught, can he be held at least partially responsible for any deaths that occured during this outage?"

WiFi On Two Wheels

MeGaBiTe1 writes "Yury Gitman is not the average cyclist from Brooklyn. His goal is to bring more easily accessible free wireless hotspots to the masses. To do this, he has created what he calls the Magicbike, a bicycle equipped with a laptop, power supply and antenna. Gitman's bike has allowed people in NYC to browse the internet freely in local parks and gardens. 'I am like the ice cream man, but with no music and I deliver free wireless access and not ice cream'."

And Other News

PythonCAD Release Number 13

Release number 13 of PythonCAD is available. "The thirteenth release of PythonCAD is the first release to offer undo/redo abilities. The undo/redo work is in its initial stage, and upcoming releases will enhance the robustness of the code. The long term goal with undo/redo work is to make both as unlimited as possible, but for the first release the functionality works best if only the last action is undone or redone."