Dot Rose

Open Source News

February 16, 2004

OSDL Looks at Linux for the Data Center

The Open Source Development Labs (OSDL) released their second capabilities document for Linux (PDF) last week, and is asking for input. The Data Center Linux (DCL) Technical Capabilities 1.0 document is 119 pages long and defines and rates Linux capabilities needed for Linux in the data center. The DCL Technical Capabilities document is, to say the least, comprehensive.

Introducing LAMP Tuning Techniques

Adam Pedersen shows how to tune LAMP (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP/Perl/Python) applications on O'Reilly. "I'm getting to know far more about servers than I ever wanted to, after hundreds of hours of Google research trying to squeeze/beat performance out of Apache. I do have 15 years programming experience in other areas, and I've reached the conclusion that the only experts in Apache/Linux are the programmers who wrote (and poorly documented) all this stuff. So I've gathered everything I could learn after countless hours of frustration and I'm writing this up in return for the immense amount of help I've received from the documentation of others."

Building Panoramic Images in The GIMP

Andrew Burton shows how to use the GIMP to combine multiple photographs into a panoramic image on Linux Journal. "There are two ways to use The GIMP to create a panoramic photo, easy and hard. The hard way is to set up layers out of the different photos, edit filter and layer masks, mess about with transparency and layer them together, manually. The easy way is to use Pandora. Pandora is a plugin for The GIMP that takes photos and tries to match the edges of the photos together, using a best guess at where one photo ends and the next begins."

ActiveState Perl Haiku Contest

The winners of the ActiveState Perl Hiaku contest have been announced. I like this one:

Arbitrarily Nested structures for data; Joy of birds in flight.