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January 16, 2004

GIMP 2.0 pre1 released

The first pre-release for the upcoming 2.0 version of the GIMP is now available for download from Not everything is in its final state, but we think this is close to a final 2.0 release. Your feedback will help make the 2.0 release even better, and we particularly appreciate testing efforts.

Why tech firms are out of tune

Music-lovers will lose out because of computer manufacturers' new commitment to digital rights management says Bill Thompson.

Linux Here, Linux There, Linux Everywhere

Groklaw mentions that The Inquirer has a leaked internal IBM memo, they say from IBM CIO Bob Greenberg, asking all IBM executives to switch their desktops to Linux by the end of next year. After they do it, don't you suppose that will be the end of FUD along the lines of "Linux isn't ready for the desktop"? Everyone will just know that if IBM runs Linux on the desktop, so can any other business. Any more FUD of that nature will be answered immediately and reflexively in everyone's mind with: "But IBM uses it just fine."

IBM turns inward with Linux desktop project

IBM's chief information officer has directed the company to begin an internal project to evaluate Linux for use on desktop computers, a further endorsement of the open-source operating system.

CA and Linux

There are two reasons why it is worth taking note of CA with respect to Linux. The first is that CA believes, as I do, that Linux is going to become the standard OS. I know this because I heard Yogesh Gupta, the CTO of CA, say so at the last CA World. The second is that CA believes that it can generate a respectable revenue stream from Linux.

Migration from Windows to Linux saves thousands

Nearly three years ago I rebuilt my company's corporate network, comprising six geographically dispersed offices and approximately 300 users, using a budget smaller than what most system administrators and IT managers make in a year. Our migration to Linux servers and software was a success, and offers a lesson for other administrators.

Linux for poets

Valerie MacEwan is a fiction writer and poet who (her words) "...lives on the edge of the Great Dismal Swamp in North Carolina." She's also a Linux user and advocate. The following (lightly edited) IM transcript tells how and why she started using Linux, and how and why she believes other writers should start using Linux and open source software.

Suddenly, competition is in

In recent weeks, readers of the papers' business sections have been keeping tabs on a fierce battle between the (Israeli) Finance Ministry and Microsoft. The Finance Ministry announced that it will start distributing packages of open-code office software ("Open Office") to all citizens free. In parallel, the ministry declared that it will stop purchasing Microsoft programs. Instead, it will switch to Windows' venerable competitor and install Linux programs.

MySQL AB Adds Enterprise Features in MySQL 5.0

Stored Procedures and Improved Scalability Anchor New Release of the Leading Open Source Database

Sodipodi SVG flag collection with new release

The gnome desktop is proud to announce the fourth release of the Sodipodi flag collection, version 1.6.

New Books Released by O'Reilly

Learning Python, 2nd Edition

sendmail Cookbook

Squid: The Definitive Guide