Dot Rose


by Henry Hartley (2007)

Walking in the springtime through the green and rolling hills,
I watch the joyful antics of the dancing daffodils.
They turn their faces to the sun and shout to God on high.
It helps me to forget about the world and all its ills.

How light the sun upon my back how strong the wind does blow.
The maple trees are blooming, the woods begin to glow.
As though all nature stretches and reaches to the sky.
But then the weather alternates twixt warmth and days with snow.

How happily the robin sings and greets the brightening day.
It makes me want to rise and dress and get outdoors and play.
I wish sometimes that I could stretch out wings and start to fly.
Look down upon the hills in spring but here I have to stay.

How wonderful the springtime, how colorful the trees.
We can't but help to stand and look before the springtime flees.
Oh Lord I praise you for the spring and ask that when I die.
You set me free and cast my soul to fly upon the breeze.